5 Powerful Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights

Coach Sapna on November 05, 2016

Being a girl, I can say that lifting a barbell and weights has changed my life, not only physically, but even mentally as I consider myself strong and powerful. Read this article as it can change your life too.


If you want to enhance and build your curves, then lifting weights for women is just as important and fruitful an exercise as for men. When it comes to lifting weights, girls say, "No we can’t". They believe that dumbbells and weights will turn them manly. Most of the girls I meet, they all complain in the following ways: “I don’t lift weights as that makes me look extra bulky." “I avoid lifting barbells as they make me look like a bodybuilder.” This is the biggest myth that floats around me and thus, I want to change the mindset of all the girls once and for all. I highly suggest you start women weight training for women if they want to go ahead and stay fit while being strong, all together. I have listed out 5 important reasons as to why you should include heavyweights in your exercise plans.

You Won’t Get Bulky

The misconception of women becoming bulky should be eradicated from the minds as lifting weights don’t make women huge. The core reason behind that is that they do not possess enough testosterone, which is needed for a mass build up body. Men have high testosterone and they are called as a ‘muscle building hormone’. Since women have less amount of testosterone, they cannot keep up with high muscle mass as easily as men. Lifting weights, in fact, will make your selected body parts look much nicer and enhance them with confidence, strength and tone posture.

You Will Burn Fat

When you are lifting weights and do strength training, your muscles break and are rebuilt over next 24-48 hours. It improves your BMR, which makes you store less fat and you stay lean. When your body rebuilds the muscles, it starts hiring more calories and energy to make this process a success, which we call it as ‘Afterburn’ effect. So when you are resting, your metabolism operates at a faster pace and with an increase of BMR, you end up burning more calories even while you are sitting in a chair.

You Get A Strong Sculpted Body

As and when you start lifting heavy weights, your body starts building up muscles and you start taking an hourglass shape. Weights sculpt your muscles by making you strong. You can reshape the troublesome areas by concentrating on specific exercises that enhance those areas. Doing cardio alone won’t help as it concentrates on fat reduction. Lifting weights will enhance the muscles by concentrating on specific body areas and gives you best curves. After all, strong is the new sexy!

It Makes You Feel Good!

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which make you happy. So when your workout routine includes one of the most challenging aspects, you are bound to be felt good afterward. This after feeling is commonly known as ‘Lifters high’ which gives you the optimum satisfaction of happiness with successful results of a perfect body.

You Get Beautiful Hair and Skin

Strong training in building up your strength improves your hair and skin quality. The nutrients you consume, which are rich in proteins, help you building powerful muscles by lifting heavy weights. That ultimately will make you tired at the end o the day and give you a soundest and comfortable sleep. That way you improve your skin as you let it breathe and with proper diet, your hair quality improves.

Can’t Keep Up And Need More Motivation?

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