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What is Stress ? Stress is the response of the body’s functional systems as coordinated by the mind, which on the basis of intellect has identified the change as a demand to adjust or to adapt.                                                            

In simpler words, stress is the response of the body to a stimuli which can be defensive, adaptive or adjusted that affects a person in his daily life. The effects may be healthy or unhealthy depending on his reactions to the stress factors.

Stress = stressors + individual make up + individual reaction and meaning

Stress is necessary up to some extent in daily life as it motivates person for doing different tasks. When this stress passes the optimum limit, it is harmful.

When stress is taken positively it helps to keep person healthy but when it is in excess and perceived negatively it leads to many psychological and physical problems.

Ultimately how each person reacts will decide how stress will affect the person.Whether we get “stressed out or not” depends mainly on us.

Decrease negative self talk.

Excessive self-criticism tends to backfire, because it leads us to focus on our so-called failures instead of the strengths we have.

Be Grateful.

Remember all the things that are good in your life. Being grateful for your blessings cancels out negative thoughts and worries.


A few minutes of practice per day can help ease anxiety. Daily meditation may alter the brain’s neural pathways, making you more resilient to stress.

Do not take quick fix remedies like alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

They have long term and very harmful effects on your body and mind.

Have regular and healthy eating habits.

Never skip breakfast, Eat healthy nutritious food, Avoid Junk food, excess -caffeine, tea coffee, chocolates and cola drinks.

Exercise is the most important aspect.

Even walking (this walking does not mean walk during your daily activities) 3 km/day for 5 days a week is very fruitful. It keeps you fit physically as well as mentally. Many people complain that we do not have time for this. Just reduce sedentary activities like TV, mobiles, games etc to get time for yourself.

Enjoy life's simple pleasures like watching movies, dancing, music etc.

Share your talents to better the lives of others as well as your sense of well-being. Take control of your "to do" list by deciding what's really most important. Write down feelings of sadness, frustration or anger to get a clearer perspective of your emotions.

Be prepared for unexpected situations.

Life is full of surprises and events that sometimes, shatter one’s daily routine or life. Some of them might be good and some of them not so good. Some are pleasant and others unpleasant.

Acknowledge the fact, and learn to accept that surprises and unexpected events are part of life and are unavoidable. When you accept this fact, to some extent, it will be easier to deal whatever happens in your life.Life is dynamic, not static. Change is part of life, and the sooner you acknowledge and accept this fact, the better it would be.

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Written by Dr. Chintan Solanki , Doctor of Medicine (Psychiatrty) from B.J. Medical College | Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.) from N.H.L.Municipal Medical College
Dr. Chintan Solanki is a consultant psychiatrist and Associate professor at GMERS Dharpur medical College. He is highly interested in management of Anxiety spectrum, and depressive disorders as well as promoting positive mental health.

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