9 Benefits of Sleeping Like A Baby

Coach Sapna on November 05, 2016

We have all heard that sleep is extremely important, but have you ever really understood the reason for this age-old adage?


Not sleeping enough or following erratic sleeping cycles can cause you to become dangerously sick. Let us try and understand why it is so immensely important to sleep better. We have all heard that sleep is extremely important, but have you ever really understood the reason for this age-old adage? Let’s say it this way, not getting enough sleep is one of the most sure-shot ways to destroy your health. Now, let us look at why it is so important to remember to take good care of your sleeping patterns:

1. Lack of Sleep Makes You Fat

When it comes to understanding the various issues that sleep deprivation gives rise to, some of the main side-effects that are borne from the same include increase in the levels of ghrelin (the hunger-stimulating hormone) and a decrease in the levels of leptin (the satiety chemical).

2. Falling Short on Sleep Increases Belly Fat

When you do not sleep enough, the chemical “cortisol” is released in much higher quantity. This hormone is responsible for generating increased levels of fat. 

3. Sleeping Less Hinders Your Muscle Growth

A decrease in the number of hours of peaceful sleep results in a considerable decrease in the recovery time associated with muscle growth and muscle repair.

4. Poor Quality Sleep Can Negatively Impact Human Growth Hormone Levels (HGH)

Whenever you sleep, the human growth hormone (HGH) is released.

In average males, the amount of human growth hormone that is secreted in the body during sleep is equal to about 60% to 70%. The secretion of this hormone often occurs in some of the deepest cycles of sleep, also known as slow-wave sleep.

When it comes to promoting bodily growth, the human growth hormone plays one of the most prominent roles during young age. As we grow older, this hormone also helps in strengthening bones, thickening skin, and increasing overall muscle mass.

5. Lack of Sleep Decreases Your Sex Drive

Another noticeable side effect of lack of enough sleep involves lower testosterone levels, increase in the levels of stress, as well as increased sleepiness coupled with depleted energy levels. All of these contribute to a sexual slump.


Did you know that sex can actually be a good way to help your body?

6. Not Getting Enough Sleep Decreases Your Fertility

An inability to conceive is a prominent impact that has been noticed in both men and women as far as sleep deprivation is concerned. This can cause an impairment of fertility, which occurs due to a decrease in the secretion of hormones which are responsible for reproduction.

7. Lack of Sleep Ages Your Skin

After just a few nights of missed sleep, people have experienced issues such as puffy eyes and sallow skin.

A constant loss in the amount of sleep you partake in on a daily basis can cause a reduction of skin luster, increase in the intensity of dark circles under your eyes as well as fine lines on the skin.

8. Sleepiness Is Depressing

When it comes to depression and other related symptoms, sleep loss is a potent aggravator. The relationship between depression and sleep is a two-way street, especially owing to the fact that depressive symptoms make it even more difficult to fall asleep.

When it comes to positive aspects related to the relationship between sleep and depression, one of the most important elements to consider involves the fact that treating sleep problems s a sure shot way to treat the illness and the symptoms that arise from the same.

9. Not Getting Enough Sleep Decreases Your Brain's Processing Speed

Sleep also plays an intricate role in terms of impacting the process of learning as well as thinking in general.

A lack of sleep is directly associated with a lapse in problem-solving capabilities, reasoning abilities, alertness levels, attention levels and other related aspects.

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