How to Reduce Excess Fat from Problem Areas

Coach Sapna on November 05, 2016


People that I meet generally have same questions in their mind and they share their concerns like – “My body is perfect except for my thighs. How can I tone them?” “I seem to have unwanted fat in my arms. How do I reduce them?” “Why can’t I get rid of my belly fat if I am doing sit-ups and crunches? Aren’t they enough?” For such concerns, I have lots of reasons to answer which revolves around one thing – “Fake Promises”. People are easily influenced by false hopes of fat reduction techniques cured in some amount of days. We call them as ‘spot-reduction’ techniques. Marketers use this as a great way in catching the attention of such vulnerable people. The viewers end up being convinced and spend their money on useless machines and gadgets. The attempt of such techniques of spot reduction body fat should be buried down deep, yet unfortunately, it lives on. For E.g. the television advertisements of people being worried about their weights are shown in one of the most extreme and dramatic ways. That makes the viewer feel so bad about themselves, that they become concerned and end up believing fake claims like ‘spot reduce fat in those troublesome zones could vanish in just 7 days. Of course, trouble zones could be taken care of, but it requires patience and dedication.

Truth about Spot Fat Reduction

Spot reduction means working in a specific area which decreases the fat in certain amount concentrating the concerned area. A common example of it is the abdominal exercise that is done to lose belly fat.

To be honest, the idea of spot reduction should not exist without clarification. One would never be able to get rid of the belly fat just by the abdominal exercises.

This is because the muscles do not have fat surrounding them. Doing sit-ups will strengthen your muscles but not burn fat.

Let’s Get Rid Of the Excess Fat

The key to reducing the unwanted fat is to get rid of the fat of all body. One should concentrate on overall body fat percentage through the following suggested techniques. They help in concentrating fat of the trouble zones

Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises are the best recommended for minimizing the total fat loss from the body. It is crucial to consider this on regular basis as cardio exercise target the overall body fat percentage.

You could try a variety of cardio workouts to burn the maximum unwanted fat. Consider activities like tennis, jump rope, Frisbee, sprint intervals, golf, volleyball or basketballs, running, etc. These are fun to do and you end up burning the good amount of fat along the way!

Targeted exercise by experts and weight lifting

A proper training given by an experienced instructor will help one shape themselves in individual areas with proper guidance. Weightlifting is a great way to sculpt the muscles and thus, you will be in a proportion with body fat balance.

One can do the exercise on target areas to reshape the specific body part. The major problems like thighs can be targeted by doing squats, lunges, leg press, etc. At the same time, with weightlifting, your metabolism gets lifted and you end up burning more calories.

Follow a Balanced Diet religiously

Food is fuel for the body, and nutritional food is healthy fuel. The biggest secret to reducing excess fat is to follow a nutritionally balanced diet as the major unwanted fat in you probably comes from unhealthy and junk food.

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