Training Course

The StayWow Lifestyle Change Training Course is designed to teach you a systematic approach to lifestyle modification strategies. The purpose of this course is to prepare you to master the art of creating and sustaining lifestyle changes in practical settings. At StayWow, Behavioral Change education - is the key component of every single step of the lifestyle modification process. Our course will teach you the key tools for promoting behavioural change and creating a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

About the Author

The course will be taught to you by Coach Sapna Vyas, who is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified Weight Management Specialist.

Known as India's most famous fitness icon, a social media sensation, and an acclaimed television personality sought after speaker, Sapna Vyas, is a prominent member of the general body of Sports Authority of India.

A bachelorette in psychology, Sapna completed her full-time MBA from Nirma University, and later pursued the Health Coach Study Program from ACE University, USA and specialized in fitness nutrition and behaviour change.

It all began when she lost 33 kg weight in a year without any pills, surgery or hard dieting, simply by developing and practising a healthier lifestyle. Her inspiring body transformation video went viral and she decided to help, educate and motivate others by sharing her fitness tips via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube channel and other social networking sites for which she received "The Digital Power Women Award" from JITO in 2018.

She has been featured by India's top news networks like Hindustan Times, Times of India, Dainik Bhaskar, DNA, ABP News, Zee News, Aaj Tak, NDTV, Times Now, CNN and DD News

She was a columnist in Ahmedabad Mirror for 5 years and was felicitated by Times of India for her dedication to fitness. Now, her columns in the national newspaper DNA has quite a large readership.

She conducts regular motivational seminars and conferences at dignified institutes across India like IIT Bombay, IIT Roorkee, IITBHU, Patiala University and has also been a TEDx speaker.

With 8 years of consulting and coaching experience in the field of fitness nutrition and weight management, Sapna is currently working for Gujarat Fortune Giants Kabaddi Team from last two seasons along with her consulting business.


  • Reprogram your brain for high performance
  • Understand key lifestyle change concepts
  • Develop a solid and effective daily routine
  • Equip yourself with habit building skills
  • Master the art of sustaining lifestyle changes

Course Content

  • The Athlete Mindset
  • Trust the Process
  • How to Stay Consistent
  • Understanding Lifestyle Change
  • The Basics of Losing Body Fat
  • How to Lose 1kg per Week
  • The Power of Daily Routine
  • How to Create a Daily Routine
  • Habit #1: Get Adequate Sleep
  • Habit #2: Drink More Water
  • Habit #3: Do Strength Training
  • Habit #4: Do Aerobic Activity
  • Habit #5: Go to Bed on Time
  • Habit #6: Eat Fruits
  • Habit #7: Eat Vegetables
  • Habit #8: Eat Protein Foods
  • Habit #9: Eat Whole Grains
  • Habit #10: Drink Milk
  • Habit #11: Stop Overeating
  • Habit #12: Cut Down on Sugar
  • Habit #13: Cut Down on Oil
  • Habit #14: Avoid Fried Food
  • Habit #15: Avoid Alcohol
  • What to Do When You Fall Back Into Your Bad Habits
  • Overcoming a Fat Loss Plateau


Upon completion of the course, you will:

  • Prepare your mind for lifestyle changes
  • Understand key lifestyle change concepts
  • Learn how to develop healither lifestyle in practical settings
  • Master habit building skills