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List of Coaches


Kuldeep Arora

A resident of Chandigarh, Kuldeep Arora focuses on helping people develop good posture habits into every lifestyle without using any posture devices or products. He is an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certified personal trainer and has 11 years of extensive experience and knowledge as a fitness coach. In his initiative to promote posture awareness and the importance of improving posture, Kuldeep provides practical solutions that can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle. Contact him as and when you have posture related questions.


Alka Sanghavi

After graduating from the M.S. University of Baroda in 1986 with a Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, and is now a recognized EC member of Indian Dietetic Association since 2014. Alka adorned the role of a Healthy Lifestyle Consultant for over 32 years giving her expert advice for the betterment of the health and overall wellbeing of her clients across the globe. Currently, she is practising as a Lifestyle Coach and passionately bringing transformation in her client’s lifestyle through healthy related lifestyle interventions. Contact her as and when you have daily tasks related questions.


Aditya Bakshi

Fitness Coach

Aditya, an ACSM certified fitness trainer, is a bodybuilding and physique master. He has helped so many on their journey to reaching their ideal physique and changed hundreds of client’s views and misconceptions about strength training and weight loss using his 11 years of extensive experience and knowledge as a fitness coach. Currently, he is an in-person and online trainer who helps building exercise habits. He says “I’m here to serve you and make your life better.” Contact him as and when you have exercise, workout, strength training, cardio training, or any physical activities related questions.


Saloni Shah

Saloni completed her Master of Arts in Psychology from Gujarat University in 2011 and since then, she has invested her 9 years of life in helping people find ways to get better sleep without any medicines or supplements. She is currently a freelance professional sleep counsellor and providing her service on StayWow to help people sleep better at night through lifestyle changes. Contact her as and when you have sleep related questions.


Poonam Vaswani

Qualified Dietician

Mrs Poonam Vaswani is a Dietitian and Nutritionist who has a Master’s degree in Foods & Nutrition & a PG Diploma in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition from Bombay University. She has over 20 years of experience in the field of Nutrition counselling, awareness, and education. She has worked closely as a Senior Food Research Scientist with various national and international agencies in disseminating food and nutrition information. Currently, she counsels clients and patients on Diet and Lifestyle, and is also the Nutritionist for a renowned International School and a Visiting Nutrition Faculty. She has conducted several corporate and school workshops and has written over 30 articles so far. She is also an active Indian Dietetic Association life member. Contact her as and when you have food, nutrition, alcohol, hydration or meal plan related questions.


Dr Renu Singh

Behaviour Change Specialist

One of the prominent member of the Indian Dietetic Association since 2014, Dr Renu Singh completed her Doctoral studies in Food Science and Nutrition in 2008 from the Bundelkhand University of Jhansi. She has been serving as a Behaviour Change Specialist for over 11 years, helping people make wise food choices and build healthy food habits using the Nutritional Psychology. Currently, she is a professor at Gujarat University and a professional counsellor who helps people deal with emotional issues and weight control. Contact her as and when you have emotional eating, food addiction, negative thinking, negative body image, self-defeating thoughts, stress, overeating, laziness, or procrastination related questions.


Nishant Ahuja

After completing the degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, Nishant joined StayWow as a program coordinator in 2019. He is highly dependable, ethical and reliable support specialist who is also a fellow participant of the StayWow Lifestyle Change Program with one year of experience of helping clients stay on track and complete the program successfully. Contact him as and when you need help related to program adherence, technical issues or any non-academic queries.

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