Things to Do From Home While Social Distancing

We are truly living in unique times.

The closed schools, working from home, six feet of personal space and zombie-apocalypse empty streets.

How long will social distancing have to last?

Nobody has the answer.

It’s like asking a fireman when you can move back in, but your house is still on fire.

Social distancing is here to stay for much more than a few weeks because it is the only way to deal with the current situation.

So what’s the best way to spend our time while we're social distancing?

Of course, if you’re working from home (either as a professional or a student), the first thing to do is make sure that you’ve done all of your assignments and work first.

But if you find yourself with time on your hands, here are some "self-improvement" activities that you can do from home.

Sugar Detox

  • First Week: Reduce 10% sugar that you add to your tea or coffee.
  • Second Week: Reduce 25% sugar that you add to your tea or coffee.
  • Third Week: Reduce 50% sugar that you add to your tea or coffee.

Reduce Salt Intake

  • Reduce your salt intake gradually and your taste buds will adjust in only a few weeks. Start by decreasing 10% salt usage in your home cooked food.
  • Season your food with onions, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, lemon juice, pepper, herbs and spices in place of salt to add flavor. The more flavor you add, the less salt you will need.

Shift to Healthier Alternatives

  • Choose to eat brown rice instead of white rice to get more fiber + protein.
  • Shift to brown bread instead of white bread to feel more satisfied for longer duration.
  • Eat boiled mung beans instead of unhealthy snacks to increase your protein intake.

Boost Immunity

  • Make a habit of eating whole fruits at least twice a day to improve your immunity.
  • Make a habit of having veggie-based soups to consume multiple servings of vegetables at once.

Become a Food Blogger

  • Prepare healthy versions of your favourite meals.
  • Share photos of your healthy meals + recipes on social networks to inspire others to do the same.

Improve Your Posture

  • Work on your sitting, standing and walking posture to stop the gradual deterioration of your posture.
  • Catch yourself each time when you realize that you are standing, walking or sitting incorrectly and fix it.

Take an online course

  • Learn a brand new life skill without getting in physical contact with people.
  • Invest in developing a new skill. “Skill Investment” is one of the most profitable investments you ever make.

Lose Weight

  • Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before meals to decrease calorie intake.
  • Try to eat more slowly to lose weight. (It really works)
  • Learn shadow boxing to burn calories at home.

What's next?

If you’re interested in making simple changes into your day–to–day life that can reap big rewards, start our 90-Day Lifestyle Change Program.

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